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. . . I’m organised, trustworthy, non-judgemental, discreet and most important of all – great at restoring order out of chaos. If you need cupboards cleared, drawers de-cluttered; offices organised; paper-work prioritised; super systems set up; skips sourced; storage facilities sorted or charity collections scheduled.

Here's what I do...

Lost a loved one

Have you or someone you care for lost someone close to you? Do you need help and support going through a loved ones items? Do you need helping sorting out paperwork for probate? I can help you at this difficult and challenging time.


Often a problem area where things accumulate and order seems to have disappeared under a pile of plates! I can help you go through things, tidy cupboards so they make sense and you can find things and avoid waste.


Do you lose track of your clothes?  Do you store things on the floor or random chairs as you have no room in your wardrobes and drawers?  I can help you make decisions about getting rid of old items that are tatty or no longer fit and then put things into place so you can enjoy your clothes, keeping them neat and tidy and most importantly finding them!


Often a dumping ground for things we don’t really want but can’t bear to part with. Do you need to sort space for things you really do want to keep or maybe even a car!?


Sorting, clearing, filing, setting up systems and organising paperwork is one of my favourite things. I can help you tidy your paperwork so you can file things easily, archive things you need to keep and get rid of old out of date paperwork you have been hanging onto but no longer need to keep.

Spare room

Whether it is your room that is cluttered, hard to clean and/or find things due to mess or sorting a spare room so you can have guests to stay or just use the space for something other than a dumping ground.


Are you moving home and need help before you move? Are you downsizing and need to make important decisions about what to keep, what to get rid of and where it will go? Do you need help planning for your new home and unpacking when you get there?

Living Room

Do you miss having somewhere to relax and unwind or even have guests to visit? I can help you clear sofas and chairs, tidy book shelves, organise cupboards and clear dining table tops so you can sit and enjoy and nice meal, welcome visitors of just chill on your own or with your family and friends.

Fully insured

Member of apdo

Thank you lovely Juliette! I’m sat at my office now and admiring the full filing drawers. I’m finally starting to relax a bit. Yes, we did do a lot. Finally I can enjoy it 😊 It would never have happened without you, thank you so much!

Nitzan, North London

"Juliette spent a good 5 hours with me sorting out all of my paperwork. I genuinely could not have done it without her as I'd let all the paperwork mount up and didn't know where to start. Juliette helped me organise and discard any unwanted paperwork as well as helping me put systems in place so I wouldn't get to that state again. I cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her services."

Sophie F

"Dearest Juliette. Well I just would like you to know how thrilled we are with our home after 4 days of serious reorganisation. You made it so easy and we are relishing the space and freedom it has afforded us. You are truly professional and intuitive which makes it all less of an ordeal. It's by far the best value for money one can buy! As doing it on your own is way too hard... So Juliette, a huge thank you from my husband and I. Huge thanks ..."