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Juliette Harding spent twenty eight successful years, rising through the ranks of the hotel industry handling corporate clients such as IBM, Siemens, Cap Gemini and Thales earning herself a reputation for unequalled efficiency, before deciding the time was right for a career change. In actual fact, she didn’t change direction completely, she simply continued to do what she’s always done – organise people – just on a smaller scale. Whilst many of us can de-clutter on our own, others can feel totally overwhelmed by their “stuff” and Juliette has worked with enough people to know just how many of us will use any excuse to put off doing it or just can’t face it alone. As one of her friends put it – “Juliette’s a unique combination of tact, empathy and a firm hand. Once she sets her mind to sorting you out, sorted out is what you end up being!”