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Thank you lovely Juliette! I’m sat at my office now and admiring the full filing drawers. I’m finally starting to relax a bit. Yes, we did do a lot. Finally I can enjoy it 😊 It would never have happened without you, thank you so much!

Nitzan, North London

"Juliette is a natural born clutter killer and takes no prisoners! She will organise, order and outcast what you cannot quite bring yourself to do alone. For serial hoarders like myself or anyone just wanting a helping ‘de-cluttering’ hand, Juliette will give you what you need in her efficient and fun, firm but loving way. I can thoroughly recommend Juliette…."

Caroline Glasner

"I am writing to thank you for making a start on de-cluttering my office. You have taken on an incredibly difficult task as you know and the progress you made in just a morning was quite amazing. I now have a lot of space which I will try to resist filling again and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other clients and friends who need to get their office space more organised. Many thanks for the work in progress."

Peter Bradley

"Juliette has de-cluttered for me every time I have moved house which has been many times! She is one of the most thorough, organised, trustworthy and hardworking people I know. Best of all she’s not phased by piles and piles of clutter – she loves it. When she is helping it’s like having your very own de-cluttering fairy. She has a knack of being persuasive about getting rid of things that you really don’t need but is not pushy. Recently she spent the day with me de-cluttering my garage. It had become a general dumping ground and I couldn’t walk from one side to the other without bumping into numerous boxes and general “stuff”. After Juliette’s magic had been done I am delighted to now have a vast expanse of garage floor I can actually see and walk on! Everything has been shelved and boxed in a neat, tidy and logical order and for the first time in 4 years I can find things!"

Anna Ward

"My home is a very busy home. Most of my home is quite tidy apart from one room. My office/overflow from my kitchen/general dumping room! Juliette comes to my house when my office has become quite unworkable! In a matter of hours Juliette happily sorts through the mess, making me finally decide if I really need something or not. It is then all put back in a very orderly fashion with kitchen overflow in one area, dishes in another and office folders and supplies all neatly arranged. As much as I don’t relish the idea of tidying up my office it is such a pleasure when it is done. Juliette is a delight to work with, completely trustworthy and I would recommend her to anyone…..and I do."

Sallie Gilbery

"When my partner knew I was using Juliette’s services he was VERY happy as I have a lot of paperwork. As my work takes me around London by the time I got home the last thing I wanted to do was file paperwork and this started to accumulate over time and was starting to become a problem. Before Juliette came over I was a bit apprehensive that she would judge the mountain of paperwork I had, I was completely wrong. She made me feel at ease as soon as she came in. She asked me what I wanted to achieve and how my office needed to function and we started with a keep and recycle pile. She used her label maker and we organised my office to what was going to be easy for me to maintain afterwards. Her enthusiasm for helping people with organisation was infectious and we shared a keen love of stationary. What would have been a task I dreaded to complete became hours of fun with Juliette. I would highly recommend her to anyone whether it’s a tiny office or a whole house, her knowledge, ideas and keen interest in getting to know your needs would definitely leave your space feeling open, organised and like new!"

Danielle White
Muswell Hill

"I have known Juliette for 13 years & she is one of my dearest & closest friends in all the world – I am quite tidy & organised myself, but not a patch on Juliette – She even de-cluttered my kitchen, when I didn’t think I even needed it, but afterwards it looked amazing! She is 100% reliable & honest & will put her heart & soul into every job she is asked to do – My parents will soon be moving & Juliette will be definitely be hired to see her extensive skill set in organising & de-cluttering."

Katie O’Hara

"Juliette, just a quick email to say thank you for all your help on Friday morning. I have to say that I have truly never had my personal paperwork so organised ………wish I had done this a long time ago!! I am trying hard not to fall back into old habits as I don’t want to go back to square one!!! I would love to re book you again at some point as I still have the other cupboards in the kitchen to sort out but in the meantime thank you again and I really enjoyed the experience despite being very tired from my late night before!!!"

Caroline Owens

"I have known Juliette for 46 years. In my adult years she has rescued parts of my home in disarray. She can help you purge, reorganize and provide new recycled storage ideas. Juliette is hardworking, loyal and incredibly organized….WE LOVE HER!…."

Sarah Beecham

"I delayed calling Juliette because I believed that I should be able to de-clutter on my own. The fact was that I needed her and eventually I gave in and made the call. I was actually quite embarrassed about the whole thing but now I’m not at all because Juliette is so professional, and totally non-judgmental which enabled me to realise that we are all good at different things. It has been a very freeing and positive experience which I would recommend to anyone. A fresh pair of eyes is always handy. I haven’t yet fallen back into old habits either, maybe because I was so impressed with the difference it made to how I feel. To anybody thinking of hiring Juliette, I would say… ‘‘Don’t struggle alone, it’s completely unnecessary and a waste of time. If you want to be sorted out, get Juliette in, simple!’’


"Juliette is the only person I have met who literally has a passion for de-cluttering….a passion for dealing with mess and disorder! It is almost an obsession….and hence she is superb at de-cluttering, tidying and organizing. She has de-cluttered for me in the last year or 2, and my cupboards are still exactly as she organized them, as she did such a good job that I want to keep it that way! It is also so easy now to find things in the cupboards that she tidied. Juliette is fantastic at de-cluttering and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of such a service…."

Loraine Benjamin

"I was unsure whether an online decluttering session would work but boy did it exceed all my expectations. I keep on looking at my newly re-organised walk in wardrobe and every time I do it makes me beam. This is so obviously Juliette's passion and talent. In her friendly but firm, non-judgemental way, she swiftly helped me re-organise and made several simple but brilliant storage solutions which had never occurred to me before. She didn't force me to do anything I was uncomfortable with. Try her out, you will not be disappointed..."

North London

"Juliette spent a good 5 hours with me sorting out all of my paperwork. I genuinely could not have done it without her as I'd let all the paperwork mount up and didn't know where to start. Juliette helped me organise and discard any unwanted paperwork as well as helping me put systems in place so I wouldn't get to that state again. I cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her services."

Sophie F

"Dearest Juliette. Well I just would like you to know how thrilled we are with our home after 4 days of serious reorganisation. You made it so easy and we are relishing the space and freedom it has afforded us. You are truly professional and intuitive which makes it all less of an ordeal. It's by far the best value for money one can buy! As doing it on your own is way too hard... So Juliette, a huge thank you from my husband and I. Huge thanks ..."